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  • 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Digital Training Products, But You Should Ask Them Silently Because Talking to Yourself Is Just Too Damn Weird

    This week I accompanied 26 other sassy ladies in a post on Karen May Dy’s blog called 27 Hot Tips for Getting Your Digital Program Started. My tip is about asking questions and listening to the questions being asked by your audience, but I reckon you should hop over and check out the whole article, because there’s a ton of good tips in there.

    Are you thinking of creating a digital training product like an ebook, ecourse, video, podcast or email course? That’s great! For many small businesses who operate on a blog-based website (like mine) these types of training programs can be a great way of creating royalty-based income alongside more. As a freelancer, you’re constantly trading hours worked for money earned, which means that you quickly reach an upper cap on the amount of money you’re able to make.

    Creating training products enables you to add an additional income stream that you can sell long after you’ve finished the initial creation stage. I already have two products on Grymm & Epic – the Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging and the Small & Awesome Guide to Freelance Writing – and I will soon be launching another – the Grymm & Epic Freelance Writing Course for People who Don’t Write Good (name change likely). I also sell a wedding planning ebook through my other site that does quite well indeed :)

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  • Attention Writers: special awesomeness just for you

    I may have mentioned (about a million times) that my Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging is one of the bonuses in the World Changing Writers Workshop, run by Pace and Kyeli and featuring some seriously amazing writers (SARK! Bindu Wiles! Ali Luke!) It’s too late to sign up to the live-action workshop, but is […]

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  • Choosing Your First Info Product

    One of the easiest ways to add some extra revenue for your business through your online venues is to sell info-products. These are instructional guides – maybe an ebook, or a series of videos, or podcasts, or an e-course – that tell the customer how to do something they don’t already know how to do. It helps if you are an expert in doing this particular thing.

    Why do info-products work so well for grymm and epic businesses? Because there are a lot of people who will read your website / blog / twitter and look at your work, and save your photographs on their computers, and blog about you, who will never actually buy anything from you. They might love your clothing range but have no where to wear it, or it might be too expensive. They might adore your artwork but not have anywhere to hang it. They might enjoy your songs but be wary of paying for downloads. They might love your crafty sock-puppets but think “I could make that myself.”

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