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  • I found Kindness in the Mosh Pit

    Here on Grymm & Epic, I talk mostly about business – but I’m a true believer that you are happiest when your business – what you accomplish in life – is a reflection of the person you are inside, and when you’re able to reach out and help a group of people who you identify […]

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  • How to Write Without Colour

    I don’t talk a lot about my eyesight, since it seems kind of irrelevant when we’re not talking face to face. If we were, you might notice that I don’t make eye-contact, that I seem to stare at a spot over your shoulder, that I blink all the time, and that when I go to […]

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  • Holy Shit, Guys, I’m on Problogger!

    [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou got a blog – it’s awesome. You’ve been writing and loving it. But one day you wake up … and it’s not so much fun anymore. You think “Eh, it’s just the Monday blues, or the Tuesday terror, or the Wednesday willies. I’ll be fine tomorrow.” But you’re not fine. In fact, strange boils […]

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  • The Big Bad Blogging Wolf

    Once upon a time, a little blogging girl was working away on her little blog empire. She was typing at her little desk, eating sausage rolls and smiling and writing things that changed people’s lives, when suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Who’s there?” asked the little blogging girl, peering through the peephole. […]

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  • When the Going Get’s Tough … the Tough make Brownies

    You ever have one of those weeks when everything seems impossible? Where all your savings are spent on emergency car repairs and replacing broken drum pedals and stolen car stereos and your work seems pointless and your goals seem impossible and the whole world seems to hate your guts?

    Yeah, me too.

    I’m currently facing the reality that – even though I reached my income goal for 2010 – we now have next to no savings left. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that not only will we probably not be moving to Germany next year, we can’t even technically afford to go to Wacken and see our amazing friends. I’m waiting and hoping for a cheque that was supposed to come in October, a cheque for over 2 months worth of work that I will likely not be paid for. I’m looking at spreadsheets and to-do lists and all the amazing things I wanted to do next year and just feeling like the world’s biggest failure.

    I feel like I’ve let my husband down, and myself, because I had set these goals and, even though I achieved them, it’s all come to nothing. We still won’t get to do what we’d set aside all that money to do. I’ve been busting a gut working 60 hour weeks for over a year now, and I have nothing to show for it.

    I have given myself permission to wallow. And hence, with a plate of my killer chocolate and beetroot brownies, I am sitting at the computer, the cat in my lap, listening to Opeth and throwing an epic pity party.

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