• Gothic lolita, cute food and a famous kitty: Epic Interrogation: La Carmina – gothic, alt fashion and travel blogger extraordinaire

    One of the best things about the Epic Interrogations series is that I get to interview some of my idols. One of the ladies I particularly admire is La Carmina – an alternative film, fashion and pop culture journalist, TV host, and author of three books. La Carmina has been profiling lolita, gothic, jrock and visual kei subcultures on her blog since 2007, and she’s built herself an incredible online presence – she writes for AOL travel, provides trend consulting, and runs her own coolhunting company, La Carmina and the Pirates.

    If your company name includes the word “pirates”, you’re OK by me.

    I first came across La Carmina through her column on the Lip Service webzine, and I love her laid-back, cheery approach to alternative subculture. If your mother ever tells you there’s no such thing as a happy goth, you’ve just got to show her La Carmina’s site. This girl is quite awesome, and gorgeous too. I’m stoked to be talking to La Carmina about making money being creative, gothy and cute, and how an ex-law student with no media connections made it into TV, and her famous kitty.

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  • Holy Shit, Guys, I’m on Problogger!

    [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou got a blog – it’s awesome. You’ve been writing and loving it. But one day you wake up … and it’s not so much fun anymore. You think “Eh, it’s just the Monday blues, or the Tuesday terror, or the Wednesday willies. I’ll be fine tomorrow.” But you’re not fine. In fact, strange boils […]

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  • The Big Bad Blogging Wolf

    Once upon a time, a little blogging girl was working away on her little blog empire. She was typing at her little desk, eating sausage rolls and smiling and writing things that changed people’s lives, when suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Who’s there?” asked the little blogging girl, peering through the peephole. […]

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  • Sick of My Own Words, or Why Grymm & Epic is going to be even more Awesome

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve been thinking a lot recently about what to do with this blog. In the beginning, I was bursting with excitement about writing it. I made this EPIC list of everything I thought you might want to know about starting your own creative business, and I set about trying to write it.

    I was stoked to be able to help you. I’ve learned so much since I began this journey, since I first sat down after landing my sensible, adult job after university, and decided I wanted to give this writing thing a go for real. I wanted to share this adventure with you – I wanted to be there with you on your own journey, because I hate missing out on all the fun.

    But the problem is, you see, I’m getting tired of the sight of my own words. I wanted this blog to be a community, but I’m destroying any by making it all about me, me, me. What I learned. What I believe. How I do things … blah blah blah.

    I feel like I’m talking without saying anything meaningful, without putting anything in its right context, without telling a story.

    I may be grymm, I may be epic, but mine is not the only way. And I don’t think either of us is actually learning anything from my blather. And, truth be told – I live my business every day. Talking about it, instead of doing it, is boring to me. I’d rather learn alongside you.

    SO, let’s learn together.

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  • Building a Blog Following with Clout and Style

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you run any kind of business online, you’re probably attempting to capitalize on the aweosmeness that is blogging. And why not? It’s pretty cool having a loyal following of readers who eagerly await the next update from your life, and constantly send you cool emails filled with interesting facts. But if you’ve just set up your blog, you’re probably wondering how to bring people to it.

    The truth is, if you want to give blogging a real shot, you need to dedicate a YEAR of your life to getting it started. That’s 12 months to write tons of content, find readers, meet other bloggers, and get a real community spirit going. After a year, you should be able to take a step back and look at your blog and say “yeah, I’ve got the hang of this blogging thing.” You can’t simply spam a few sites with your URL and expect to see an instant spike in traffic.

    I know. Odin save me I know. I have received very few “lucky breaks” in my blogging career. I’m under the radar of my A-listers. I’ve never had a link that tripled my traffic overnight. I’ve worked my ass off for every single reader. This shit is hard work, yo.

    So, if you’re blogging away in your little bloggy world, how do you get people to pay attention?

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  • How to be Awesome at Niche Blogging

    The best blogs on the whole internet are Niche Blogs. Blogs about cake decorating. Blogs about gothic home decor. Blogs about Japanese pop music. Blogs about lavender. Blogs about cross-stitch swear words … These blogs are the easiest to find readers, the easiest to monetize with ads and products, and the most fun to write, […]

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  • Dealing with Negative Comments: Why Nobody Likes You and You Shouldn’t Give A Shit

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t may shock you to learn that not everyone on the internet likes you. It sure killed me.

    The first time someone posted a negative comment on my blog, I cried. I obsessed about it for days. I returned to high-school Steff, wondering why no one likes me. The comment made me read and re-read my article, searching for whatever I’d said that offended this person so. I thought about taking the article down. I toyed with deleting the comment. I cried some more.

    The supposed anominity of the internet gives people a “safety screen” from which they can launch their own personal attack on the world. Sometimes these attacks are well-meaning, meant to educate people about important social, humanitarian or rights issues. Sometimes these attacks are meant to persuade or encourage debate, which is the most important aspect of the awesomeness of the internet.

    But sometimes, the line between “I’d like to disagree with your point and offer these thoughts for discussion” and “You’re a fuckwit and I wish all your children were born with three extra fingers and a piano falls on your cat” gets crossed. Sometimes it gets trampled. Sometimes, a piano falls on top of it.

    And what can you, as a blogger, do about it? Plenty. You can delete it, launch into a debate, crush them with a piano, run their name into the dirt with the awesome power of your twitter friends. What should you do about it? Not much at all.

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  • What should I blog about? Or, Why is my Brand so Goddamn Boring?

    [dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the most common questions I receive is “What should I blog about?” This question usully comes from small business owners starting their “thang” online. They’ve heard blogging brings the views, and the views bring the sales, so they say “Argh, I’ve got to write a blog. Oh, well, this will be fun. I can have all these awesome conversations with my clients, and people will be so excited when I announce a new range and- oh, wait a second, what do I do, exactly?”

    Or maybe you’ve opened your blogspot account, made a couple of posts, and then forgotten about your blog for, oh, I don’t know, seven years. You know you should be writing in your blog, but you just keep finding better things to do with your time.

    You think you don’t know what to write about. I think you don’t know how to write.

    Now, don’t take that the wrong way – I’m going to explain. I don’t mean “you don’t know how to write” like “you can’t string a sentence together with a pre=strung sentence stringing kit”. I’m one to talk. I can hang a preposition with the best of them, baby.

    I mean, you’re struggling with the basic, core principle of what it means to be a writer. But don’t worry, because I intend to teach you in about 450 words.

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