I’m also an illustrator (read: compulsive doodler) specializing in colorful, quirky pictures of cats, food, Victorian ladies and fairy toadstools. I work in acrylic, pen and ink on paper, canvas or board, and my work would be a great fit for:

Art Licensing: I’d love to work with licensing companies to reproduce artwork on a range of products. My artwork has a quirky, whimsical and edgy appeal that would make it perfect for teen and tween girls and alternative product lines.

Editorial: If you need an illustration to accompany an article, blog post or <>, I’m your girl. I can work to tight briefs and fast deadlines.

Publishing: My style is particularly suited to children’s and young adult work, and I have a portfolio of children’s drawings available upon request.


Page layout from my children’s book, “Charcoal Drives a Locomotive”

Custom commissions: If you need a unique gift for a friend who has everything, a fun mural for your child’s bedroom, or you simply have an idea in mind you want to discuss, give me a buzz and I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

How do You Paint when You Can’t See?

Since this is a question I’m asked ALL THE TIME, I thought I’d better address it right from the onset. As you may know, I am legally blind, and have a condition called achromatopsia, which means my eyes have no cone cells, and I cannot see any colour. It’s difficult to describe what I do see, but the best way to understand it is to say I see in different shades of grey.

But I understand the concept of colour, and I like to use very bright, often primary, colours in my artwork, and I often outline in black to give the image a real pop. I buy paints that have the name of the colour written on the tube, and I memorise where I’ve put them on my palette. I work with a limited palette (usually only primary colours + black/white), to make remembering easier, and years of painting has taught me which colours to mix to get new colours. I paint on an easel that’s about 2 inches from my face. Sometimes I ask my husband if a colour is correct.

Despite my achromatopsia, I’m able to work with clients to produce professional-quality illustrations and artwork. Some jobs will be beyond my capabilities – for instance, producing exact colour matches for a product – but you’ll be surprised at just what I’m able to do with colour despite not being able to see it. If you want to know more, contact me and we’ll talk details! 

Visit the gallery for samples of my work, and contact me to talk about your project.

“Has Black Metal ever been cuter?” Holly Jane, Ordo Atra Serpentis.