You’ve got ideas – we’ve got words. Let’s bring them together and make magic happen.

[quote_left author=”Stephey Baker, Artist and Creative Coach”]
Amazing writer! Totally cleaned up what I was
trying to say and made it better! Will use again
– a must for any business owner!

Grymm & Epic Copywriting provides blogging, email marketing and content management services for small business clients, startups and non profit organizations.

From hip, urban and edgy, to elegant and timeless, to laugh-out-loud hilarious, you can trust us to write the perfect content for you.

“We engaged Steff to produce a wide range of copy for us including articles, blogs, SEO web copy and more. Steff could quickly pick up any subject matter with limited research and consistently produced top quality work and always on time. I would not hesitate to work with Steff again.” - Phil Shacklady, The Web Company, New Zealand.

Why Work with Grymm & Epic?

Aside from the fact that we bring a badass, heavy metal attitude to blogging and content writing, working with Grymm & Epic offers numerous advantages. We work primarily with small businesses on minuscule budgets, and we can help you:

  • Focus on the content techniques that will help you grow your business.
  • Stretch your online marketing budget further than you thought possible.
  • Avoid wasting money on marketing that isn’t working.
  • Achieve better results and ROI for your website.
  • Create a compelling web presence with high-conversion blog posts.
  • Implement new content strategies to retain old customers and and bring in fresh faces.
  • Create a lasting relationship with your clients.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions about the future of your content strategy.
  • Take the stress out of your blogging and email newsletter and show you it can even be fun.
Our services follow a simple, step-by-step system. You can choose any one of these services, or get them all together as part of the Great Cthulhu Package. 

Step 1: Website Audits

[quote_right author=”Shantell Covington, Kalifa Amari Shea Butters”]
I love the way you broke down the information
and covered everything in this one little brochure.
It’s simple, full of personality and doesn’t miss a thing.
I want more!

Like most business owners, you know you must have a website, but after forking out thousands of bucks on web design and shopping cart software, you’re not really seeing the returns you were expecting. Where are your hordes of online shoppers? Where is your army of Facebook fans? Was it all a bit mistake?

Let me help with a Website Audit. A website audit is a COMPLETELY FREE short report explaining the effectiveness of your current business website, and offering a solid plan for improving it. I take a look at your site and send you a report explaining how you could improve your online content offer suggestions of strategies you could use to dramatically increase conversion and retention rates on your website.

A website audit of a basic 5 page site is completely and utterly FREE OF CHARGE. Contact me to learn more about this service and book in your Website Audit today.

“Hiring Steff was the best decision I made. I spent weeks struggling to complete the about me page on my website and knew I needed support. Steff took my grim copy and made it epic! She intuitively grasped my personality and creative spirit. The page she created truly communicated what I did and who I am effortlessly.

“I value Steff’s skill as a writer and her ability to make it easy to work with her. So easy in fact that I’ve hired Steff more than once. She has helped me write press releases and overhauled the copy on my etsy shop. I’d recommend Steff for anyone interested in maintaing their integrity as a small business owner while desiring to expand their business through clear witty communication! Not only did she provide inspiring copy, she provided a wealth of insight and suggestions regarding how I could take the many sites I had and integrate them into one. I’ve been slowly implementing her ideas for the past year and have seen a huge increase in my blog and shop ranking online – it’s been steadily increasing 20% each month. Steff has become a valuable resource as a small artsy business owner, I can’t speak highly enough of her!” – Stephey Baker, Marked by the Muse.

Step 2: A Badass Business Blog

Blogging is our specialty. We work with clients who understand the value a blog can bring to their business, but who don’t necessarily have the time or skills required to create high quality content and promote it effectively.

We offer two blogging services:

  • Basic blogging for your own site. We create content for your website on a regular basis, and monitor comments and social media attention. This is the package used by small businesses wanting to launch a new site or breathe life into a stale blog.
  • Guest blogging campaigns on other sites. One of the biggest reasons businesses fail to see a return for their blogging efforts is because they don’t do enough work promoting their blog on other sites. Guest blogging expands your audience beyond your own site and is the single best way of promoting your blog. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can use guest posting to increase your business’ visibility in your niche. We get link backs and attention for your blog via articles placed on other blogs.

Your blogging package includes an initial guest blog content plan, researching and writing of the posts, placement on high ranking blogs (for guest posts), and a website traffic report outlining the success of your campaign. A Grymm & Epic blogging campaign is a great method to promote the launch of a new product, drive traffic to your blog, or create buzz around a new website. We provide custom blogging solutions based on your needs, from 1 to 50 articles a month. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll let you know how I can help your company.

To see samples of the blogs we write for clients, check out our Blogging Portfolio. To learn more about how we can make your blog irresistible, contact us today.

“Steff is a copywriting queen. Her prose leaps from the pages and grabs you, riveting the reader’s attention and directing your customer where to go next. She’s thorough, convincing, and a pleasure to work with. I’ve hired Steff several times and it just gets better with time as she gets to know my style. If you’re looking for a great sales writer with a heavy metal attitude, Steff Metal is definitely a great find.” – Cory Huff, The Abundant Artist.

“Steff began doing freelance for us on a variety of subjects, many of which had a D.I.Y. bent that aimed to directly benefit curious readers trying to break into the music industry. Her writing for us was engaging, needed very little tweaking, and had a unique viewpoint that managed to translate well to all kinds of music lovers.” - Adan Schragin, MadeLoud.

Step 3: Mailing Lists / Newsletters

Email newsletters and mailing lists still have the best conversion rates of any online marketing tactic, and print newsletters can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. We can help you generate ideas for your newsletter content, research and write articles, create a schedule, track your ROI and liaise with other contractors to create the ultimate newsletter machine.

“Steff did an amazing job with the copy I needed, got it done FAST, and was very personable the entire time! I’d definitely go to her again for copy or recommend her to anyone who needed a copywriter.” – Michelle Nickolaisen, Let’s Radiate.

Step 4: Ebooks

Ebooks are awesome – they’re a great way for your business to offer customers a resource they can share and save. A free ebook could become a vital sales tool for your business, as it helps to build your brand, boost your authority and create buzz around your products and services.

You can create an ebook as a product for your business – their digital format means you pay no overheads once the initial creation process has been completed. You can sell your ebook to your customers for years to come. Or, give your ebook away for free as an incentive for signing up to your newsletter. Offering a free ebook could drastically increase your signup rate.

Steff is the author of five ebooks, including the Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging, and we’ve created numerous ebook scripts for clients all over the world. Contact us if you want Grymm & Epic to help you create downloadable digital content for your business.

Step 5: Ghost Writing

Want to write a book but don’t have the time or inclination? That’s where we can help. Together we will craft your unique story and set down exactly what you want to say.

Steff works with businesspeople, unpublished authors, celebrities and professionals on both fiction and non-fiction books that enhance your brand, build followers and capture your unique story. I can work with you from proposal stage right up until the finished script.

Other Writing Services

Although my blogging, ebook and email clients take priority, I’m also available to help you with a range of other writing services. Check out my Other Writing Services page for details of some of the services I can offer your business.

Other writing services are usually charged on a per-project fee. Contact me to discuss your needs.

How To Work with Steff

You can either work with us on one-off projects, or you keep me around on an ongoing basis with as a Copywriting & Marketing retainer.

One-off projects might include a website launch or an ebook project. Some clients also hire me for a month of blogging, then decide to continue their blog themselves based on the Blog Content Plan we create.

After initial contact, we will draw up a project brief for you to approve, and I’ll provide you with an estimate based on the number of hours I expect the project to take. Once all this is approved and a deposit is paid, I’ll get right to work.

Clients who invest in a regular Copywriting & Marketing retainer are my first priority, so if you have ongoing writing and marketing needs, consider contracting me for regular monthly services and taking advantage of a discounted rate.

Our rates are more more reasonable than you’d expect from a formless, many-tentacled Elder God. Check out my writing packages or contact me today for a free quote. I bring the words. You bring the awesome. Let’s make magic happen.

Contact Us

  • Email: steff AT grymmandepic DOT com
  • Phone: New Zealand clients phone: 027 414 7016. Overseas clients phone: +64 27 414 7016.
  • Skype: @steffmetal