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  • I’m talking about Guest Blogging in the Wedding Business Evolution Summit!

    Hi everyone! So, it’s been far too long since I updated this here blog. I know, I know, do as I say, not as I do. Trust me, it has been in my mind for weeks, and I’ve even got a couple or articles half-drafted, but between working away at client work, building a house, and starting a new business enterprise (I know, because who needs sleep, right?) the idea of adding any updates here has made my brain turn to jelly. Lime-flavoured jelly – that’s the best flavour.

    But I thought I’d break radio silence to let you know about this exciting venture I’ve been involved in. Heidi Thompson is the awesome lady in charge of Evolve Your Wedding Business, an haven of advice for those marketing products and services to brides and grooms. She’s been an events and wedding professional in the UK and US for several years, most recently running The Alternative Wedding Fair events – which is just my kind of wedding show! Now she’s working on her own wedding marketing firm. Her first big undertaking is the Wedding Business Evolution Summit, which is essentially an online marketing conference for wedding professionals. It’s completely free to sign up an listen along to the seven informational webinars, and there is a truckload of useful tips and ideas for growing your wedding business within – including a webinar on guest blogging by yours truly!

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  • Pirates, irate customers and post-blogging tips: A few of my most recent client blogs and guest posts

    I like to share some of my work with you, in case you feel you don’t get enough of me on my own sites. I’ve been busy writing my way across the web, with often humorous results! I had a lot of fun writing this post – Writing Tips from Blackbeard the Pirate – for […]

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  • Finding the “Voice” of Your Business

    If you’ve spent any length of time around writers, discussions of “voice” will inevitably arise. “I’m writing in the first person, but I’m finding the voice a little tough,” or “I really admire the richness of Margaret Atwood’s voice” or even, “I’m trying to fit my voice into a male character, and it’s just not working …”

    But if you try to corner one of us to ask exactly what we mean by “voice”, you’ll find we stammer some half-arsed answer, cry “look, a man wearing an enormous novelty mustache!” and scamper away when you back is turned. “Voice” is a concept writers understand innately, but we struggle to describe.

    But “voice” is a concept that’s vital for any business owner to grasp, as it’s an integral part of your brand. And since I’m a writer who works predominantly with small business owners, I thought I’d do my part to demistify the concept of voice and why it’s important for your business.

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  • Magazines: Small business marketing for wordsmiths

    Do you read magazines? Most of us do. We read magazines to learn more about our hobbies and interests, for entertainment, and to keep up-to-date with news and events in our industry. Even with blogs, podcasts and online media becoming increasingly influential, magazines still play a vital role in the publishing industry.

    Print magazines are at the top of the heap when it comes to quality. Every print magazine is backed by an editorial team that ensure the quality is maintained across every article and layout. Most industries have at least one magazine that is considered highly influential – businesses featured within it’s pages have definitely “made it”.

    So if you’re reading these magazines in your industry, why aren’t you writing for them?

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  • Your Services as Products, or how I earn buttloads of money as a writer.

    I’ve been utterly blown away by the response to my new writing packages. You guys were so enthusiastic I spent nearly every waking moment before we left for Germany creating press releases and writing blogs and talking on Skype at all hours of the morning and night. (That’s the only problem with doing consulting from New Zealand – we’re so far ahead of the rest of you, I’m always having to wake up at 4am to talk to someone. It’s all good, though.)

    I’m still taking orders for new writing packages, but keep in mind I am on holiday. And it’s a real holiday too, meaning I’m not working till I get back to New Zealand on the 16 August.

    Some of you have been emailing asking why I decided to create writing packages. “Surely,” someone said, “you’d be better off sticking with your old services page?”

    After reminding him my name is Steff, not Shirley, I assured him I’ve had a much better response to the packages than I ever did to my “hire me” page, even when I promoted my services quite heavily.

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  • Meat-on-a-stick is Marketing Genius

    I’ve just got back from the Veldensteiner festival, a one-day medieval/folk metal festival held on the grounds of Veldenstein castle in Bavaria. I got to see one of my current favorite bands, Eluvetie, play, as well as Subway to Sally and a couple of others. One thing that struck me about this festival is just […]

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  • The Introvert’s Guide to Face-to-Face Networking

    If you know me primarily as on online mistress of wit and wisdom, it may surprise you to learn that in real life, I’m painfully shy. I’ve been meaning to ring the lovely beauty therapist who lives around the corner to book a waxing appointment for two months now, but the thought of calling up […]

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  • Artists and Creatives – How to Write a kick-ass sales page

    I aim to please. I’ve been a fan of Cory Huff’s Abundant Artist blog for, oh, forever. It was reading this blog and some of the inspiring guest posts that first inspired me to set up my own art shop. And, while my paintings have never been as successful as my writing, I consider my […]

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  • How to blog about your Art and wow people’s clothes off

    Hypothetically, of course. Anything else might get me into trouble.

    In my ebook, the Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging, I talk a lot about figuring out what to blog about. A successful blog strikes a balance between writing about what interests you, and writing that helps you find and build an audience – the right audience. The audience that will go on to buy your art. And sometimes, that audience isn’t whom you’d expect.

    A lot of artists get stuck in the habit of writing about the business of selling art. Often, they’ll get quite in-depth, writing epic 2000 word posts about their successes and failures at craft fairs, etc. These posts will be extremely useful for other artists, and they’re profoundly interesting for the artist writing them, because they offer the chance to put thoughts about business down in a cohesive way and analyse what is and isn’t working. But whenever I see an artist with a blog that’s all about running an art business, I wonder if the artist knows whom their audience really is.

    Who wants to read a blog about how to run an art business? People who want to become full-time artists, of course. And yes, many people who are full-time artists want to support other artists and love to buy art, but they are a small slab of an infinitely larger pie.

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