On this page you’ll see examples of blogs I’ve written for companies in a variety of niches, as well as examples of guest posts I’ve written on popular blogs.

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wedding wise blog

Wedding Wise

Wedding Wise is a local kiwi blog focused on wedding planning and inspiration. I write a series of wedding planning advice articles and a monthly “Vendor Tips” column for marketing tips for wedding businesses. I also conduct a guest-blogging campaign and have created a series of downloadable wedding planning resources.

Selected Posts:

Downloadable Resources:

SEO training blog

SEO Training


Guest Posts:




The Disabled Shop

The Disabled Shop is a UK blog focused around adaptations and daily living with disabilities. The brief requires each post to link to at least one product available in the shop. I’m now working with this client on a guest-posting campaign to increase visibility of the blog in the disability community.

Selected Posts:

Guest Posts:

“I first hired Steff as a writer in January 2011 after she won our blogging contest. Since then she has consistently provided regular, well-written blog posts to a deadline. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steff for a similar position.” – James Dunworth, The Disabled Shop


Empty Easel

Empty Easel is one of the premier online resource websites for artists – hosting in-depth technique tutorials and advice for creating a flourishing art business. My brief is to produce monthly content around marketing an art business online and creative ideas to earn an income as an artist.

Selected posts:

“Steff is a consummate writing professional – I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needing full content creation, article editing, or any other writing services. The articles she writes for my blog are consistently helpful to my audience; they’re timeless, and of course, they’re all impeccably edited before they even reach me. Steff makes my job so much easier that I can’t imagine doing it without her. Thanks Steff!” - Dan, Editor, Empty Easel.


Think Like a Label

Think Like a Label is a music marketing blog aimed at helping musicians bypass label interference by DIYing their music recording and promotion. My brief was to produce informative posts about various aspects of online promotion and help musicians perfect their press materials. My post, “10 of the Best iPad Apps for Musicians” was published in January 2012, and is still one of the most popular posts on this blog.

Selected Posts:



Made Loud is a music platform designed to help indie musicians reach new fans and followers with their music. As a contributor to their music blog, I wrote about DIY marketing in the music industry, and humorous pieces about different musical tropes and genres.

Selected posts:

“Steff began doing freelance for us on a variety of subjects, many of which had a D.I.Y. bent that aimed to directly benefit curious readers trying to break into the music industry. Her writing for us was engaging, needed very little tweaking, and had a unique viewpoint that managed to translate well to all kinds of music lovers.” – Adan Schragin, MadeLoud.

Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals is a Daily Deals site for web developers. My brief was to produce 2000-3000 word, in-depth pillar posts and articles about running a web development business, freelancing, and FAQ documentation explaining the advantages of using daily deal sites.
Selected Posts:


Marketing Creativity

Marketing Creativity is a blog helping creatives to market their businesses, and is edited by Lisa Jacobs, a handmade entrepreneur who has earned a six-figure income from her online jewelry shop. I write monthly articles about online marketing strategies and small business success tips for creative entrepreneurs.

Selected posts:


Lip Service

Lip Service is the premier clothing and apparel label for alternative and gothic fashion in the US. As a contributor to their online webzine, I wrote monthly articles on aspects of heavy metal fashion, music and culture in my Cvlt Status Column.

Selected posts:

Sensational Jobs

Sensational jobs is a job board for web professionals and freelancers. Their blog focuses on useful job search, employment and freelancing tips. My brief was to create monthly pillar content based on determined keywords.

Selected posts:

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Guest Posts

I believe guest posting is vital for any successful blog. Not only does it connect you with the wider blogasphere, but it introduces your blog and brand to new audiences and increases your site’s visitors, signups and conversions.

As well as guest-posting for clients on a range of industry-specific blog, I regularly guest post about blogging, writing and creativity on a variety of sites.

OSTraining blog


OSTraining offer training courses and materials on platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Their blog offers regular tutorials on different aspects of these platforms, as well as tips for website development and blogging success.

Core PHP blog



Core PHP are specialists in WordPress, Joomla and Drupal platforms, and offer a range of web development products and services. Their blog is a must-read for software developers and businesses using these platforms to run content-based websites.



ProBlogger is the top website online for blogging professionals, and publishes content every day on blogging. I wrote my first piece for them in in 2011 and received around 30 comments. My article, 40 Cool Things to Do With Your Blog Post AFTER You Hit Publish, was the most popular post on the blog in 2012, despite only being published on Dec 29. So thats pretty awesome.


Men With Pens

The Men with Pens site has been ranked in the Top Ten writing blogs online for four years running, and posts on this blog generate a lot of comments and sharing on social media. All my posts on this blog generated tons of comments, shares and retweets.


Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips is ranked among the 500 most popular blogs in the world, and one of the top 100 most popular marketing blogs. As th name suggests, it’s a blog for bloggers, and the topic is blogging. Hence, that’s what I wrote about:


Start-Up Nation

Start-Up Nation is a resource site for entrepreneurs and young companies to find tips and a supportive community. Posts on this site are seen by up-and-coming movers and shakers in business and technology.


The Abundant Artist

Cory Huff, artist and marketing professional, created The Abundant Artist blog to dispel the myth of the starving artist. My post, “Artists Who Sell: How to Write a Killer Sales Page (and why)” is still ranked as one of his most popular posts in terms of comments, views, and sharing. So far, it has brought me more than $2000 in revenue from new clients.

Waxing UnLyrical

Shonali Burke is a prominent PR and social media professional. My posts on her blog, Waxing Unlyrical, received dozens of comments and social media shares.

20 Something Bloggers

The 20 Something Bloggers network runs this blog to promote different blogging techniques and ideas to their members. With a network of more than 20,000 bloggers, this is a popular platform for younger bloggers to learn about online contact and interact with other bloggers.

No Clean Singing

No Clean Singing is a popular online metal blog with a readership of some 50,000 monthly. At least three posts a day go up reviewing, discussing and joking about metal music and culture. NCS boasts a loyal and dedicated readership who are very active in the comments and on Facebook. I occasionally offer up reviews and reports from my side of the Tasman.

HomeBizBuzz NZ

HomeBizBuzz NZ is a site dedicated to helping small, local businesses succeed. It’s packed with articles and resources for the small business owner. This article appeared on the front page of the site and was sent out via email to thousands of subscribers.

I can create a custom blogging package for your business, which can include high quality articles for your site, social media promotion, and a blog content strategy, as well as a guest blogging campaigns. To discuss these options, contact me on steff @ grymmandepic.com or on +64 27 414 7016.