As well as offering copywriting and blogging services for my business clients, I often write features and articles for magazines and online websites. I specialize in lifestyle topics, including travel, fashion, culture, art, weddings and disabilities, and with over 300 articles in print, I’m experienced in finding and interviewing quality sources, researching and writing articles, and turning in copy on time and on deadline. Here are a selection of some of my favorite articles:

“Steff is a creative thinker and writer who pitches unique yet relatable stories (always with interesting hooks!) An added and much-appreciated bonus: her work is always submitted in a timely manner and completed to very high journalistic standards.” – Kellie Davenport, assigning editor at 2 for Couples magazine.

If you’re looking for examples of my blogging work, check out my Blogging Portfolio. You can contact me if you’d like me to work on a feature for your publication.

Gallery of Work

Below you’ll see scans and screen shots of some of my articles, website copy, blogs and other projects. Contact me if you’d like to see more samples or talk about a specific project.

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My Websites

On Travel and Lifestyle

For 2 For Couples

For Transitions Abroad

  • Traveling Blind: Improve Your Experience with Accessibility, forthcoming 2012.
  • Digging Up the Past: Volunteering on Archaeological Excavations, forthcoming 2012.

For Kiki Magazine

  • 10 Ideas for Summer Fun with your Girlfriends, Kiki Magazine, Summer 2011.
  • Surviving Your First Rock Concert,  Kiki Magazine, March 2009.

For Nevada Magazine

  • Nevada’s Haunted Past: Guided Ghost Tours of Nevada’s spookiest places, forthcoming Sept/Oct, 2012.

For Backwoods Home Magazine

  • Creating an Attractive Farmer’s Market Display, Backwoods Home Magazine, forthcoming Spring 2013.

For Backhome Magazine

  • Simple Organization Tips, BackHome Magazine, May 2011.
  • Organising My Home Office, Backhome Magazine, Jan 2011.


For Matador Network

For Read, Learn, Write

For Dabbling Mum

On Disability, Health and Wellness

For Abilities Magazine

  • “Stretching for Success: Adaptive Yoga in Canada,” Abilities Magazine, forthcoming 2012.
  • “I Do: Planning a Wedding With a Disability,” Abilities Magazine, Summer 2012.
  • “The Art of Selling Yourself: Top Tips for Securing Funding”, Abilities Magazine, Spring 2012.
  • “Surviving an Emergency with a Disability,” Abilities Magazine, Winter 2011.
  • “Blind Knights: Adventures in Medieval Swordfighting”. Abilities Magazine, Fall 2009

For the Disabled Shop

For Spotlight on Recovery

  • “Recovering from Bullying: Long-term Effects of Bullying in Grade School”, Spotlight on Recovery, Forthcoming 2012.
  •  “Is Your Friend Feeling Down? How to Help Fellow Teens Deal with Depression”, Spotlight on Recovery, forthcoming 2012.

For Dialogue

  • “Eight Apps for People with Vision Impairments,” Dialogue Magazine, forthcoming Fall 2012.
  • “Syrian Wonders: Travel in the Middle East,” Dialogue Magazine, Sept/Oct 2012.
  • “Surviving Exams as a Student with a Vision Impairment,” Dialogue Magazine, March/April 2009.

For Turkey Country

  • “On Track: Sharing the Trail with Blind Hikers”, Turkey Country, Fall 2009.

For Connected/Lifeglow

  • “Practice What You Write,” Connections / Lifeglow, May 2009.
  • “Painting without Colour,” Connected, March 2009.

For Wordgatherings

  • “Blind Characters: A Process of Awareness,” Wordgatherings, March 2009.

For Strange Horizons

On Weddings

For Altared Magazine

On Writing and Creativity

For Funds for Writers Newsletter

  • “Selling Halloween: Making Money with Spooky Stories,” FundsForWriters, Oct 2012.
  • “Writing for Wedding Markets,” FundsForWriters, forthcoming 2012.
  • “How to Be a Blogger-For-Hire,” FundsForWriters, forthcoming 2012.
  • “Writing a Press Release,” FundsForWriters, June 2010.
  • “Accessible E-text for Writers,” FundsForWriters, June 2009.
  • “Making Money from your University Essays (without cheating)”. FundsForWriters September 2008.
  • “Writing For Disability Markets”. FundsForWriters, August 2008.

For Empty Easel

For WOW: Women on Writing

For The Writer

  • “Writing Pains,” The Writer, January 2009.

For Writers’ News

  • “Bio-logy: Anatomy of an Author Bio”. Writers’ News, November 2008.

For Writing World

For Writer Within

  • “Writing your Hobbies,” Writer Within, December 2008.

For Vision: a Resource for Writers

  • Writing the Fantastical Query (reprint)Vision: A Resource for Writers, Jan-Feb 2010.
  • Writing about Disabilities. Vision: A Resource for Writers, July-August 2008.
  • Website review: Litmatch. Vision: a resource for Writers. Issue 44, March/April 2008.

For Writers’ Weekly

For Diva Magazine

  • The Art of Journaling, Diva Magazine, Feb 2009.

Fiction and Poetry

I don’t write much short fiction or poetry anymore, as I’m concentrating on a novel, but you can find some of my stories in the following magazines:

Awards and Prizewinners

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, as they say, but that’s kind of what this publication page is for.

  • My blog,, was nominated for a 2011 David Award (Heroes in Small Business, NZ) for “Most Innovative Use of Marketing”
  • My novel, Thorn, was one of ten novels short-listed for the War of the Words, run by Tor UK in 2008.
  • My blog post, Eulogy to my Miniscope, won first place in the Disabled Shop Blog Competition, in 2010.
  • ‘WACK’, a short story about zombie penguins in Antartica, was a shortlisted finalist in the Oceanview Short Story Competition in 2008.
  • My short story ‘Into the Light’ won honorable mention in the Australian Slippery When Wet Short Story Competition, 2007.
  • And my war poem, ”Thermopylae’ won third place in O’Rorke Poetry Competition