[dropcap]I[/dropcap] make money from this site. You can probably guess that by the “shop” icon, but sometimes it’s good to spell these things out, just soes there’s no confusion. I make money by selling my own ebooks and courses, through ads on the sidebar, through clients who contact me through this site, and by promoting affiliate products.

I don’t apologise for making money, because I, like you, need money to live and travel and buy food for my cat and drumsticks for my husband. You’re under no obligation to buy anything from me. I want you to hang out here and read all the rad free content on the blog or in the Grymm & Epic Gazette. If you want to buy an ebook or hire me to write a press release, that’s cool too.

You can find all my products for sale in the Grymm & Epic shop. They are all pretty awesome, although I am biased, so don’t take my word for it. They do all come with a money-back guarantee, though.

Ads are usually 125×125 pixel squares and placed in the blog sidebar, although I do also accept larger ad squares. Currently, I’m not accepting any kind of sponsorship within the blog content itself.

I make money from affiliate links – these are other writers and artists who give me a commission if one of my readers buys a product from them. Usually it’s 50%. I’m only affiliated with awesome people – mostly small-businesses like YOU – whose products I’ve personally brought and enjoyed. When I say it’s the best thing since Manowar, you’d better believe that’s the truth. And, in case you’re not convinced, I’ve got a money-back guarantee on all affiliate products as well.