So many business owners think their marketing has to be boring. They think, ‘I’m serious about my business, so my business needs to be serious.”

But the truth is, people don’t buy goods or hire service-folk who bore them to death. They want the hairdresser that makes them laugh, the carpenter who arrives on time and the dog walker who’ll give them a hug when their pooch is looking poorly. Boring doesn’t get you clients and sales – quality products, exceptional service and a business with heart and personality will.

I’m Steff, a marketing copywriter and founder of the Grymm & Epic Content Agency. We want to help your small business succeed. I believe that just because you offer quality products, top-notch service, and stay on the straight-and-narrow, doesn’t mean your copy must be dry and uninteresting. My team bring over 10 years of marketing experience to help you:

  • Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work.
  • Get better results with your marketing with a smaller investment of time and money.
  • Figure out which projects to focus on to bring the greatest result.
  • Create a compelling web presence with high-conversion pages.
  • Implement new strategies to retain old customers and and bring in fresh faces.
  • Create a lasting relationship with your clients.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions about the future of your business.
  • Take the stress out of your marketing and show you that it can even be fun.

About Steff

I am a legally-blind copywriter and illustrator living in New Zealand with my cantankerous drummer husband and our medieval sword collection. I created Grymm & Epic Copywriting in 2010 as a freelance writing business and publishing company. With over eight years copywriting experience and an intimate knowledge of content marketing methods, I’m passionate about using words to help businesses convert leads into sales and retain loyal customers. Whether you’re alternative or mainstream, service or sales, Mompreneur or Fortune 500, I’d love to work with you to hone your marketing strategy. About pages, ghost blogging, press releases, one pages, band bios, book cover blurbs, sales pages, product descriptions, website copy and SEO articles – I’ve done it all, and all for small, unique, creative companies just like yours.