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  • February 2011
  • Building a Blog Following with Clout and Style

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you run any kind of business online, you’re probably attempting to capitalize on the aweosmeness that is blogging. And why not? It’s pretty cool having a loyal following of readers who eagerly await the next update from your life, and constantly send you cool emails filled with interesting facts. But if you’ve just set up your blog, you’re probably wondering how to bring people to it.

    The truth is, if you want to give blogging a real shot, you need to dedicate a YEAR of your life to getting it started. That’s 12 months to write tons of content, find readers, meet other bloggers, and get a real community spirit going. After a year, you should be able to take a step back and look at your blog and say “yeah, I’ve got the hang of this blogging thing.” You can’t simply spam a few sites with your URL and expect to see an instant spike in traffic.

    I know. Odin save me I know. I have received very few “lucky breaks” in my blogging career. I’m under the radar of my A-listers. I’ve never had a link that tripled my traffic overnight. I’ve worked my ass off for every single reader. This shit is hard work, yo.

    So, if you’re blogging away in your little bloggy world, how do you get people to pay attention?

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  • Don’t Let Your Fear Run Your Business

    Last week I wrote about making a big decision in my business to shut down what has been a lucrative source of income. I wrote about how afraid I was that this would completely screw my business.

    It didn’t.

    This week, I got a contract for several months worth of work. Work I enjoy and can turn around quickly. Work I can accurately gauge my time for. Work that makes me feel bubbly and happy and excited.

    The thing about fear is, we’re always afraid to change. We’re afraid the new situation is going to be SO MUCH WORSE than what we have now. We think “better the devil you know …”

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  • Making the Big Decisions for Your Small Business

    I often talk about fear in small-businesses. Fear plays such a pivotal role in our business decisions, especially when we’re going it alone and our business means so much more to us then just a paycheck at the end of the month. We fear if we make the wrong decision, we’ll destroy everything we’ve built, and so we dither, and we often make no decision at all. We keep on keeping on, because we’ve already broken through our first wall of fear – we started the business, after all! – so why go through that emotional topsy-turvy again? Bleargh, no thanks.

    See, I know this, and yet, for the last five or six months, I’ve been struggling with a business decision. Or rather, I’ve been dithering over making a business decision that I know will improve my productivity, and probably improve my income, and yet the fear is holding me back.

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